The Verge Redesign / Duet

Helped develop the new redesign of The Verge site and Duet, Vox Media's new publishing platform. A platform with the goal of supporting all of Vox Media's publications.

Role: Part of the core development team
Tools: TypeScript, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Relay
La Palabra

An open-source game inspired by the famous game Wordle. Purpose of the game is to guess the word (based on Bad Bunny lyrics) in 6 tries and includes a link to the Spotify song the word appears in to help in figuring out the word of the day.

Role: Creator and developer
Tools: React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Python
El Bot Bunny

An AI Bad Bunny lyrics generator powered by ChatGPT. Users can provide the AI with topics and optionally a song to base the lyrics it will auto generate. Give it a try, share your results.

Role: Creator and developer
Tools: ChatGPT, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Vercel Edge Functions
Starter Notion blog template

An open-source starter blog template that is statically generated with Next.js, content powered by Notion and styled with Tailwind CSS.

Role: Creator and maintainer
Tools: React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Notion API
The Washington Post Custom Project Template Generator

A Node, React and Next.js based template that powers all of the custom interactive projects at The Washington Post.

Role: Part of the core engineers who developed this platform. Worked on developer workflows, onboarding and documentation.
Serial Killer Series

A three-part investigation series on law enforcement's failure to catch the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history.

Role: Responsible for the project concept, design, front-end development, commissioned and art directed illustrations.
Tools: React, Next.js, React PLX (animation library), Adobe XD, Node
Awards: 2x SND 2020 "Award of Excellence" awards.
Mueller Report Illustrated

A six-part interactive series on the obstruction investigation with audio and scrolling animations.

Role: Front-end developer
Tools: React, React PLX, ffmpeg, Node, Gulp
Awards: Malofiej International Awards Gold Medal, 2019 SND Best in Show, 2019 SND Gold Medal, 2019 SND Silver Medal, 2019 SND Bronze Medal, x2 2019 SND Award of Excellence, 2019 Scripps Howards Award Finalist, 2x ONA Finalist
Mekong River

Inteactive story about displaced villages and a ruined ecosystem with audio narration from the reporter.

Role: Designer and front-end developer
Tools: Gulp, ScrollMagic.js, Node, Adobe XD
Awards: 2020 SND Award of Excellence
Military Helicopter

A reconstruction of the movements of two D.C. Army National Guard helicopters that parked nearly still in the air over protesters, using flight-tracking data, images and videos.

Role: Designer and front-end developer
Tools: React, Next.js, Adobe XD, Node, PLX animation library
Awards: 2020 SND Bronze Medal
Rose Garden Photo

An interactive project that zooms and pans to show who attended a possible superspreader event at the White House.

Role: Designer and front-end developer
Tools: React, Next.js, Node, ScrollMonitor.js