About Me

Hola! My name is Lucio Villa and I am not your typical software engineer. With a background in photojournalism and experience building websites (ask me about my high school web design competition days!) I learned that I can combine my skills in web development in the world of journalism when The New York Times published their multimedia interactive project called Snow Fall back in 2012.

Now currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at The Washington Post where I help build and maintain the media players.

Previously worked at Vox Media, The Washington Post (I left and cameback), San Francisco Chronicle and Chicago Tribune where I had built, designed and maintained frontend platforms at each organization. Throughout my career using technologies like PHP/Wordpress, Python/Django, Grunt.js, Node.js, Gatsby, Next.js, React and TypeScript to name a few.

Outside of work:

I'm originally from Compton, CA and graduated from Cal State Fullerton (Go Titans!) with a Bachelor's Degree in Photo Communications.

Awards & Honors