My notes on web development, tech and random chisme.

Building an Online Multiplayer Lotería Game

What I learned from building an online multiplayer Lotería game with AI

My 2023 Wrapped

A look back at some of my 2023 highlights.

Archivos: 2015 Chicago Vocalo Radio Interview

My interview, in Spanish, with Chicago’s Vocalo Radio where I talked about my life growing up in Compton, CA and my work as a photojournalist and web developer in Chicago.

Tools/Apps I use regularly

A list of tools and apps I use regularly on my laptop. [Updates often]

My Chicago Recommendations

A list of my favorite spots I recommend in Chicago.

Setting up a Notion powered blog

How I setup this blog with the Notion public API, Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Vercel.

My DC Recommendations

A list of my favorite spots in DC from restaurants, bars and Latino essentials.