My 2023 Wrapped

A look back at some of my 2023 highlights:

  • Got a drink named after me at Republic Cantina: Lucio’s Old Fashioned.
  • Did a Lightning Talk at NICAR on the data behind a personal project called Palabra: a Bad Bunny themed version of the Wordle game.
  • Received The Washington Post Engineering Innovation Award in March.
  • Developed El Bot Bunny, a personal project where you can generate Bad Bunny lyrics with AI.
  • Helped launch Hola!: the first Latine Employee Inclusion Network at The Washington Post.
  • Had my first (and last) New York Nutcracker drink…
  • Made an appearance in a NPR article dancing cumbia.
  • Published an article with my friend and coworker Emmanuel about Bad Bunny’s lyrics where we added some programmatic and statistical sazón to review his lyrics.
  • My lil sis got married!
  • Developed Lotería, another personal project, an online multiplayer Lotería game (Mexican bingo).